DD Magic Carpet XL Review

Wylies Outdoor World's Justin Jewell tests out the DD Hammocks, DD Magic Carper XL. A truly multipurpose mini Tarp that can be used in a number of different ways!

The DD Magic carpet is primarily designed to be used as a ground sheet to place under your hammock but it has so many more uses! it can obviously be a groundsheet, used to protect your firewood in a rain shower, a dog bed for your furry companion, and many other uses in a pinch.

DD Magic Carpet Review - Wylies Outdoor World

At Wylies Outdoor World we recommend a few items everyone should carry on every trip, first aid kit, means of signalling/navigation, extra pair of socks, a poncho and a magic carpet! 

DD Magic Carpet Review 2

Can you think of more uses for the DD Magic Carpet? If so we would love to hear from you! 

DD Magic Carpet Review - Wylies Outdoor World

The DD Magic Carpet packs down small, its light and best of all its inexpensive! 

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you can buy the DD Magic Carpet from us here 

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