Klean Kanteen 1182ml Single Wall Review

Wylies Outdoor World's Justin Jewell Puts the Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth, Single Wall canteen through its paces...



What makes the Klean Kantean so good for bushcraft and camping?

I had looked at getting a good canteen for a while and after doing my research and checking product reviews I chose the Kleen Kanteen because it suits my needs perfectly, the construction and weight make it virtually indestructible and will take a lot of abuse. The rounded edges both inside and out means it isn't easily dented if you drop it, and the lid with the ability to hook clip it up with a karabiner out of the way make it ideal for bushcraft or camping when there's the potential for it to be knocked about. Kleen canteen has a great pedigree and history behind them and this is another reason why it's the canteen of choice for me.

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why is it so versatile?

For me the ability with this kanteen to hold enough water on day trips out and be secure enough not to leak at all is a real strength and selling point, I have on occasions taken this out with water in it and also a freeze-dried food pouch inside given me the ability in one bottle to not only carry my water to then pour it out and boil it up but to also then get the food pouch out of it and cook that as well, due to the nature of the wide mouth opening.. The lid fastens very secure and has never once leaked at all considering I use this canteen five or six times a week that is excellent.

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why do you choose this size over the others?

wanted a canteen that could hold enough water for my needs, this holds 1182ml or 40 ounces, which is perfect for making a brew or two and enough left over for boiling up water for food, the large opening of the mouth also means it will readily accept and take ice cubes/small chunks of ice enabling you to keep your water cold on hot days.

how does it compare to other similar products?

Over the years I have used lots of different makes and models of bottles and canteens with varying success and failures, nothing has even come close to what this product offers me and I would never go back to anything else.

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I cannot recommend this product highly enough if you are looking for a canteen that is great value for money, lightweight, strong and reliable, easy to clean and maintain then look no further. The rounded inside edges mean no residues occur, which is a real bonus as we all forget to clean out our bottles from time to time. Mine gets used 5 to 6 times a week, still looks new fits in my pack perfectly, a brilliant addition to anyone's kit

Justin Jewell

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you can buy the Klean Kanteen 1.1L Single wall, Wide Mouth Kantean from us here 

We also recommend the additional D Ring Cap if you plan to use it with 2 cups so both cups are nested 

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