DD Complete Tarp Suspension System

This DD Hammocks Complete Tarp Suspension System has been devised and compiled by our owner and chief product tester Drew Wylie, This DD Complete Tarp Suspension System has everything you...

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This DD Hammocks Complete Tarp Suspension System has been devised and compiled by our owner and chief product tester Drew Wylie, This DD Complete Tarp Suspension System has everything you need to suspend your tarp and also has some redundancies thrown in for good measure. 

The System Includes:

  • DD 10L Dry Bag (to house your tarp with your ridgeline for super quick deployment, and to keep your wet DD Tarp away from anything else in your pack)
  • DD Amsteel Rope 15m (the best superlight choice for your ridgeline)
  • DD Amsteel Fixed Loops x2 (for your prusik knots to tension your tarp on the ridgeline)
  • DD Superlight Carabiners x2 (overkill for simply attaching your tarp to the ridgeline, but also a very handy redundancy as these will hold the weight of your hammock as well should you lose or drop the ones fixing your hammock at night or in the grass. If you need to find them quickly in the rain they are always just above your head)
  • DD Superlight Tent pegs x6
  • DD Shock Cord 10m
  • DD Mini Carabiners

This DD Complete Tarp Suspension System will work with any tarp up to 5x5m, the system has been well thought out after 4 nights a week over months of trips in all weather conditions, including night time hikes in the pitch black. Below is a short description in Drew's own words of how to get the most out of this kit and some of the advantages it has over the system you may be using at the moment.

How to use this Hammock Suspension System:

Personally, I prefer a diamond set up with my DD Superlight Hammock and Tarp. It offers me the quickest possible way to set up and take down my tarp either after a long 25-mile hike or in bad weather when the skies have opened up. It obviously requires 2 fixing points for the ridgeline but unlike other configs, it only requires 2 fixing points for the other attachment points, unlike the rectangular set up that requires 4. The diamond config also offers me a great amount of flexibility with minimum adjustments to have one side open, folded back or down in bad weather.

Setting up your ridgeline before your trip:

Feed the Amsteel rope through the center loop of your tarp, attach the fixed loops as prusik knots on each side of the center Tarp loop (if you don't know how to make a prusik knot contact me directly as I have not yet done a tutorial video on this 01333632273) and then attach a superlight carabiner to each loop and slide each prusik know to the corner of your tarp and attach the tarp to the carabiner on each end of your tarp.

Your Tarp is now permanently attached to your ridgeline and ready to be packed into the DD 10L Dry Bag. To do this it is easier to fix your ridgeline to two points. If you have a clothesline in the garden, for example, this will work perfectly.

When the ridgeline is tight, slide the two prussic loops to about 5 cm on each side of the center Tarp loop, and get the air out of the tarp and stuff it into the DD 10L Drybag then coil up one side of the ridgeline and place in the dry bag, then repeat for the other side. If you have a DD Magic Carpet roll the 6 tent pegs in it and push it down, and then sit the shock cord on the top, compress the dry bag and fasten it up.

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