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The Night Master 400 (NM400) is a super powerful hunting light that uses Night Master LED's to throw a focused beam very far. Night Master states that you can ID...


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The Night Master 400 (NM400) is a super powerful hunting light that uses Night Master LED's to throw a focused beam very far. Night Master states that you can ID to 200m and get eye shine back from something up to 400m away. However, after taking it out, we can confirm that you can ID something close to 300m under good weather conditions.

Just like the bigger NM800 model, this NM400 has a focusable beam and the LED can be changed for any other Night Master LED, including the very popular infrared LED, which will turn this light into an NM400-IR illuminator, which many people are buying for their night vision devices. Since it uses a smaller convex lens, the beam it projects is wider than that of the NM800, so you probably won't need to adjust it much to flood your scope's field of view.

Main Features

  • Convex Lens: Specifically designed to boost the light power and throw a beam very far.

  • Focus: The convex lens can be focused to provide the best lighting for your way of hunting

  • Changeable LEDs: You have the choice of using other coloured LEDs or the Night Master IR LED for use with night vision. Night Master coloured LEDs do not substantially reduce the light output like filters do.

  • Two stage lighting: You can have it outputting just 1 mode or 3 modes (High-Med-Low), just by twisting the body

  • Closer illumination: For lamping rats, you can reduce the light output by switching to a lower mode

  • Small size, low weight, high power: This makes it ideal for solo hunting.

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