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TentBox, TentBox Classic Roof Tent, Tents, Wylies Outdoor World,
TentBox, TentBox Classic Roof Tent, Tents, Wylies Outdoor World,
TentBox, TentBox Classic Roof Tent, Tents, Wylies Outdoor World,

TentBox Classic Roof Tent

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  • Brand: TentBox
  • Type: Rooftop Tents
  • Availability: In Stock


The TentBox Classic is the rebranded version of the TentBox Hard Shell model. While keeping all of the time-tested elements of the original Hard Shell design, the Classic also boasts some very worthwhile additions, a beautifully formed outer shell, with the TextBox logo embossed directly on it, as well as a darker, thicker canvas, and a softer, more luxurious mattress cover.

If you’re looking to maximize the capacity of your camper without fitting a standard pop-top roof, the TentBox Classic is a great option. Just like a pop-top roof, it sleeps two and maintains a streamline, compact build, but unlike a pop-top, it’s completely removable.

This is a time-tested TentBox, the perfect space for two, which will fit on any car.


  • External Dimensions when closed: L214 x W125 x H30cm
  • External Dimensions when open: L214 x W125 x H100cm
  • Internal Dimensions: L210 x W124 x H95cm
  • Weight: 70kgs
  • Outer Hard-Shell Material: reinforced fibreglass
  • Fabric Material: 320gsm rip-stop poly-cotton canvas, with an external PU coating


  • The material can be re-proofed, using any standard canvas re-proofer
  • The fibreglass roof  is completely impermeable and rainwater runs straight off it and away from the fabric walls
  • The walls of the are waterproof, breathable, rip-resistant, and thicker than a regular tent
  • The mattress is made from high-density memory foam
  • There is a large overhead net, perfect for putting fairy lights and storing clothes
  • Also two double hanging pockets on either side, next to your head
  • The tent has one large panoramic window at the front, and one at the back
  • There are two doors on the TentBox Hard Shell
  • Both doors can be rolled up when unzipped, and have additional fly-screens
  • The ladder is made of aluminium and slides to the required height
  • The maximum height of the ladder is 230cm / 90.5inches
  • The TentBox is held shut using an extra-safe 8-point system
  • It will fit on most vehicles, as long as you have two crossbars which are at least 80cm apart