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Wylies Outdoor World

The story behind Wylies Outdoor World so far, Meet Drew Wylie and the rest of the Wylies Outdoor World Team, Info on our services and the Bushcraft, Camping, Hiking, Survival, and Outdoors equipment we test, review and sell!

"We have all the gear you will ever need to keep you warm, dry and prepared to face the elements or challenges ahead.

We do not just sell products, we use them every week ourselves regardless of the weather.

If we do recommend something to you...You can rest assured it has stood the test of time and earned a place in our packs!"

Wylies Outdoor World's founder and managing director, Drew Wylie has always had a keen interest in the general outdoors from childhood. He can often be found in one of the many woodland areas in and around Fife with our mascot "Archie" the black Labrador practising bushcraft and other outdoor related skills.

Drew also uses the products that can be found in our website every week, regardless of the weather. Unlike many companies, we have the first hand experience with the products we sell over long periods. We will not try to sell you the new fancy gear with the highest price tag (unless that is what you want) but listen to you and recommend products that are best suited to your specific needs.

We also regularly organise camping trips and other outdoor activities for our community and local customers. If you would like to get involved in any of these activities please drop us an email

Whether you are practicing Bushcraft, Camping, Hiking or even Outdoor Adventure or Survival we have all the gear you will ever need to keep you warm, dry and prepared to face the elements or challenges ahead. We do not just sell products we use them every week ourselves regardless of the weather. If we recommend something to you, it has stood the test of time and has earned a place in our packs!

Drew Wylie has designed, developed and constantly maintains personally. It has been a mammoth task getting to this point, but also a labour of love for Drew.

Between, testing all the gear, maintaining the website and always being your sole point of contact not just for advice but for troubleshooting and problem solving Drew has chosen not to have a physical store so we can concentrate on offering you what we believe is more important in today's age and do it to a far higher standard!

From the whole team of us at Wylies Outdoor World - Thank you and enjoy your outdoor adventures!

Company Information

DW Trading (Fife) Limited

Registered Office Address:
8 Mitchel Street, Leven, KY84HJ Company Number: SC535752

Tel: 01333632273
Drew Wylie - The Top Cat!

Drew's the man you probably already know? He is the front man of Wylies Outdoor World! If you have any questions or quires regarding gear, sales, delivery, recommendations for kit or anything else he will always deal with you directly!

More About Drew Wylie
Mick Gatley - FB Group Admin

Everybody Knows Mick! Mick manages the Wylies Outdoor World Facebook Group Admin. Ensuring that our Facebook Group is a safe and family friendly, Informative and enjoyable place for anyone interested in the outdoors, to meet new friends and like minded people to share your adventures and your skills!

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Mooks - Our Bushcrat Mascot

Mooks is even more famous or dare we say infamous than her father Mick Gateley! Mooks has been learning bushcraft, camping, survival skills with her father from a very young age and now a very accomplished young lady! But beware! she is also Drew's enforcer and personal bodyguard. She is not to be messed with!

More About Mooks
Lesley Swain - Bushcraft Instuctor

The 'Guru' as we like to call her! Lesley is also one of our Facebook group Admins and experienced in foraging, crafts, and generally just a fountain of knowlege

More About Lesley
Paul Harvey Wylies Outdoor World Bushcraft Chef Blogger
Paul Harvey - Bushcraft Chief

Improve your bushcraft culinary skills with Paul Harvey, an experienced outdoors man and seriously skilled bushcraft master chief!

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Carl Dobson - Survival Expert

another familiar face, Carl is our resident survival expert, each week he covers how to beat the chill, find water, create shelter, and many other essential skills that really could help to save your life!

More About Carl Dobson

Behind the Scenes at

Wylies Outdoor World

Trade Discounts

We do special discounts for Scout groups and other outdoor activity groups such as equestrian/shooting and archery clubs. We offer some of the best prices, we will even price match if possible! If you would like to enquire about our trade services just contact us and speak to Drew 'Owner of Wylies Outdoor World' directly through our contacts page

Facebook Group Discounts

Member of a Bushcraft, Shooting, Hunting, Equestrian or other Outdoor related activity group? Why not get your Facebook group friends together and chip in for a bulk order for your next group meet? and also get a discount code for your next purchase from us too! Facebook group discounts are done on an individual basis and based on quantity with a minimum order value of £500 To enquire about these discounts, just go to the contact page JOIN THE WYLIES OUTDOOR WORLD FACEBOOK GROUP Receive exclusive members only offers, tips, tricks and product reviews!

Wylies Outdoor World Facebook Group

In our own facebook group you will be able to connect with other friends and followers of Wylies Outdoor world. Gain access to exclusive members only offers, Tutorials, blogs, and get one to one advice from the experienced admins and you can share your adventures with us, meet new like minded people and organise your own local group meets!

Wylies Outdoor YouTube Channel

still in its infancy at the moment, but in the near future you will be able to view product demos, reviews, videos of our own travels and group meets and view our live streams!

One to One Training

Wylies Outdoor worlds owner, Director and chief product tester really is a man with a hands on approach. You may not be aware but he does offer advice not just on products and how to get the best from your kit but also the essential skills you will need to get you started if you are new to bushcraft and camping. it doesn't stop there he will also keep in touch with you via our facebook group and help you along with what ever you need for as long as you need. All he asks in return is you share your travels with our other Facebook members and eventually pass on what you have learned to our new and less experienced members!

Product Reviews & Testing

Drew also tests as many of the products that can be purchased from our website personally on his own weekly camping trips. on average a product has been used 4 nights a week for at least a few months. This allows us to accurately test the products design and quality in all the wildly changing weather conditions the UK has to offer . Our product knowledge is second to none! if you buy from us rest assured we would be happy to carry it in our own packs!