As a registered knife dealer we are required by law to verify your age through our age verification process. But, we are also required to catalog, and store your age verification for up to 3 years and also maintain a refusal/failure list that is available to the police at any time without notice. As you can imagine, over time this list becomes enormous and time consuming to manage. Please help us by following the 3 instructions exactly or it will delay your order until it is done correctly. If the age verification process is not completed correctly your order will not be sent out.

Its unfortunate that this section is necessary, but it is. Once a day, everyday of the week there is someone that believes the laws, and regulations do not apply to them, they are somehow entitled to an exception, or they do not have to follow the steps we require to complete age verification.

Let us save you the time. You are not! Please do not ask us to break the law or amend the age verification process for you. No exceptions will be made.

Do it once, do it right, get your order out to you that night!

Create a "new" email to our email address
This is essential to allow us to keep the age verification database clean and manageable.

To catalog your Age Verification away securely we need you to add 3 things to the email "subject field" or you may recognize this as the "title" of your email. The area of the email that lets the recipient know what the email is about before opening.

We require your full name, the word "Age verification" and finally your order number. Your order number can be found on the very first email you received after placing your order (your order confirmation email)

The email subject field of your email should look like this example below, after you have added your own Name and order number details...

Drew Wylie - Age Verification - 87965

You have now done all the hard work! Next we just need to to add a legible, copy or photo of your driving licence, passport or other photographic ID to the "body" of the email. It is not necessary to add any addition text or information other than your photo of your ID.
To sell knives and other bladed tools that we do here at Wylie's Outdoor World we need to hold a 'registered knife dealers licence' this licence is issued by a local council after a though investigation has taken place regarding what, how, and where where we trade. To obtain a 'registered knife dealers licence' to be able to legally sell knives and other bladed tools to over 18 year old adults, our processes are checked and approved by both our local council responsible for issuing our knife dealers licence and the police.
Firstly as mentioned above, we hold a valid, in date, registered knife dealers licence. We will ask you to complete a simple age verification process. This allows us to verify your age, We will then keep that data safe and secure for up to 3 years as is a legal requirement of holding a registered knife dealers licence. We also keep a refusal/failure database as a requirement for the same time frame. We will not sell any age verification required item to anyone under the age of 18, or will we release any age verification order that has not successfully completed the age verification process, irrespective if the customer purchasing an age verification required item is over 18 years old.
The penalty for Wylie's Outdoor World, should we fail to adhere the all the laws and regulations regarding the selling of Age Verification Required items, obtaining age verification, and filing it for the required time period is permanently loosing our knife dealers licence, an unlimited fine, and a lengthy jail sentence. Please don't ask us to break the law for you. it will not go well for you.
Any item on the Wylie's Outdoor Website that requires an age verification process to be completed by law before the item or items can be dispatched.
All knives, machetes, axes, and saws are the primary categories for Age Verification required items. But any bladed tool or potentially dangerous item may be subject to age verification.
The order process itself is exactly the same as purchasing any other product from the Wylie's Outdoor World Website. The Age Verification process will happen after you have made your purchase.
To purchase any bladed tool from not just the Wylie's Outdoor World website but any seller it is a legal requirement for the retailer to verify your age. However it is also a requirement of being a registered knife dealer to keep data on all these successful and failed or refused sales for up to 3 years. We will cover this in more detail in another section.
No, under no circumstances will an Age Verification Required item be dispatched without successfully competing the Age Verification Process. This would not just be gross negligence on our part but Wylie's Outdoor World would also be breaking the law.
It's not simply a case of (if) you are old enough, its not a packet of cigarettes you are purchasing that can't cause yourself or another person serious or even mortal injury. We have a responsibility to the public that we do take seriously. It is also, as we have stated in other sections on this page, a legal requirement. Under no circumstances will allowances be made, regardless if you are over 18 or not.
We will cancel your order, Add you to the "Refusal/Failed" Register, We will keep your data, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, and your order details. We will also keep a record of why you failed the Age Verification Process, along with a copy of your ID (if you have provided one) for up to 3 years. After that time you may request us to delete your data. Creating and maintaining this list is a requirement of holding a Registered Knife Dealers Licence. This list is also legally required to be available to both the local council (the body responsible for issuing our knife dealers licence) and the police without warning. We will also charge you a £5.99 admin fee to cover the costs of maintaining this list and storing it securely.
When you place an order for an age verified or age restricted item, your order is picked, packed and then booked in with our courier. Then we will send you an age verification email. If you have failed or refuse to provide us with ID in the manner we request, your order is canceled, unpacked, and restocked. Depending on the amount of time passed we may not be able to cancel the shipping label. The £5.99 admin fee covers all these costs and also help to pay for the enormous cost of securely managing your data, filing it away securely for up to 3 years, and any other costs incurred in preparing your order for dispatch and then unpacking it, canceling the shipping and restocking the item. The admin fee in these cases is non negotiable or refundable.
Your email, is copied and digitally stored securely offline. Your ID is also attached to your order so we can show exactly how we verified your age for up to 3 years to comply with the legal requirements of being a registered knife dealer. As soon as you have completed the age verification process successfully your order will be dispatched immediately.