Frequently Asked Questions

We are always on hand to address any questions or queries you have. Below you will find answers to cover as many eventualities as possible. If you can't find the answer you are looking for please do just send us an email and we will get right back to you!

01.Purchases, Returns & Refunds

Why won't my payment go through?

This could be for a number of reasons, ranging from not enough money in your account, or possibly using the wrong log in details. If you are having issues please contact us through the contacts page and we will be happy to help you to resolve any issues.

How do I get a refund or return a product?

The subject of returns and refunds is a large topic, with so many variables depending on the reason for return, or requested refund if you require a swap for another size, possibly a manufacturing fault etc so we have a dedicated page to address this called "refund policy" located in the footer of our website. This will give you all the info you need for a refund or a return a product to us for any reason.

returning orders OVER £100

If you placed an order over £100 and received free postage and chose to return your item for a refund we will deduct £5.99 from your order total to cover the initial shipping cost to you. We pay your initial shipping fee, it is included in the total price of your order. If you wish to return an item over the value of £100 we will deduct that initial shipping cost from your refund.

Return Address

Please email us prior to returning your order so we can open a return on our system for you.

Return Address: 47 strathore Road, Thornton, Fife, Scotland, KY1 4DY

02.Age Verified Items

What Is A Age Verified Item?

An age verified item is anything that we are required by law to attain proof of age and address before dispatching. This includes but not limited to: Knives, Machetes, Axe's, Tomohawkes, Saw's, Multi-Tools and any other bladed tools.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Order Age verified items?

By law you have to be over 18 to order any age verified Items from us.

How Do I Place an Order?

Placing an order for an age verified item is no different than any other purchase on our website. After completing your purchase you will be requested to complete age verification before we dispatch your order.

The age verification Process

After you complete your purchase, we will send you an automated email. This email has detailed instructions that will walk you through completing the age verification process. Don't worry it's not complicated. We will require you to send us an email titled "Name" Age verification "Order Number" and include a copy of your up to date drivers licence or passport. If you don't have these we may accept other forms of photographic ID.

What Will Happen With My ID After I Have provided It?

We are required by UK Law to keep that information securely filed away for up to 3 years. We have to keep a hard copy and also a digital copy, this is why it's important to title your age verification email correctly, It's so we can find it quickly if the police request us to. We are also required to keep a "refusal list" for anyone that didn't pass age verification.

What happens If I fail Age Verification?

Your order will be canceled, and you will immediately be refunded. After that we will add your name and details to our refusal register and will have it secured away for upto 3 years in accordance with UK laws. You will also be charged an admin fee of £5.99


If you refuse to provide photo ID after making a purchase and request to cancel your order. We will refund you, minus a non refundable admin fee of £5.99. After that we will add your name and details to our refusal register and will have it secured away for upto 3 years in accordance with UK laws. This list is available to the police at any time for upto 3 years.

Why have I been charged an admin fee?

When you place an order for an age verified or age restricted item, your order is picked, packed and then booked in with our courier. Then we will send you an age verification email. If you have failed or refuse to provide us with ID your order is canceled, unpacked, and restocked. Depending on the amount of time passed we may not be able to cancel the shipping label. The £5.99 admin fee covers all these costs incurred in preparing your order for dispatch and then unpacking it, canceling the shipping and restocking the item. The admin fee in these cases is non negotiable or refundable.

03.Payment Infomation

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept Paypal. Visa Mastercard payments and also cash on collection.


At present we do not accept payments over the phone, if you are having issues completing a purchase via our website please just send us an email and we will help you resolve the issue.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

from us it is yes! our website and payment gateways use the most up to date security technologies to ensure you have a safe transaction with us every time.

04.Postage & Delivery Queries


All UK Mainland deliveries are via DPD Next Working Day delivery at the moment. For world wide orders we use the best suited courier for your particular order or a courier that you prefer.

Do we do international delivery?

Yes we do! if you live outside the UK please sign up of an account on our website, and add all your contact information such as your email and phone number and your shipping address, then just send us an email stating what you would like to order and we will send you an invoice with your included shipping quote and a payment link to complete your order.

How long will my order take to dispatch?

Generally speaking it's the same day as long as we catch the courier with your order. We don't have a "cut off time" that is set in stone while we try to "work with our couriers during 2020 and beyond. We do ask to allow 24 hours for dispatch. During extremely busy times such as bank holidays, Christmas etc we ask you to allow upto 72 hours. From 2020 onwards, dispatch time may be extended but during busy times we will work tirelessly to reduce dispatch time as much as possible. If there is any delay outside of this time window we will contact you right away to keep you informed!

How has COVID affected us?

Drew is currently working alongside our Assistant Manger 'Lauren' from home with cohabiting family "lending a hand" we normally have a team of 12 that work in close quarters with each other so social distancing is impossible. Drew has decided not to risk the safety of our staff and work exclusively with Lauren until the situation is resolved. This means we are doing everything from managing the website, packing parcels and answering the phones and emails. We are working 18 hour days right now, every day of the week to ensure your parcels are delivered as quickly as possible. We are managing well but if there is a delay in your order arriving we already have it in hand and can assure your there is no problem. Please be kind and we thank you for your patience.

Postage Costs

Our next working day shipping to UK Mainland is £5.99 but FREE on all orders over the value of £100.00 you may think this is expensive if you are purchasing a single low value item but its up to the weight of 30kg with the exception of long or fragile items. Please remember you are helping us to keep ourselves safe by minimising our potential exposure to COVID-19 with this service.


Although postage delays were a rare occurrence prior to 2020, there have been some significant changes that may affect delivery time with all UK couriers that at times are unfortunately out of our control. Some of these factors include increased parcel volumes through all courier networks, Social distancing in sorting centers, reducing productivity etc. If this or any other courier related delay does affect your order, we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue for you as quickly as possible. Please be patient and allow us to resolve it for you.


After we have packed your order, booked it in with our courier, you will receive your tracking number via email directly from our courier. This email will include a link to the couriers website so you can track your order with us, or if you wish make any amendments to your shipping address, or rearrange delivery etc.


As soon as you place an order with us, you will receive an automated "Order Confirmation" email, if there are any delays or we need to give you any information at all regarding your order we will do this as quickly as possible after you have placed your order. Your next automated email will be a "Order Dispatch Confirmation" letting you know that its ready to be collected by our courier. You will also get an automated email directly from our courier that contains your tracking number and the link to track your package from us. Finally we will send you a "Thank You Email" to let you know all these steps have been completed, this email will include some useful information regarding returns, our owner Drew's direct contact info incase you need a hand getting the best out of your gear.


We will always send these emails to the email address that you specify when you place your order with us. Please ensure that you enter your correct email address when placing your order with us, particularly if you are ordering a Age Verified Item. If you are still not receiving any correspondence from us, Please check your spam or junk folders. If you still don't receive any correspondence please do get in touch. But, please complete these steps first.


We will always do everything in our power to resolve any issue you may come across. We ask that you follow the steps mentioned on this page first to reduce the time it takes to resolve any issue that you encounter. If you are still unhappy we will address any complaint you have, and immediately look into what has caused your issue, resolve it for you and then immediately take any steps necessary to ensure to the best of our ability that it won't happen again. We would like to politely ask that if you do have a complaint that you treat Wylies Outdoor World staff with the respect they deserve. We are here to help you, we work extremely long hours, we are dedicated to helping you and frequently go above and beyond what is required of us. Manners and respect cost nothing, they will be greatly appreciated, but more importantly it helps us to resolve your issue faster.

05.Stock Levels


If you do purchase something from our website that is sold out, our owner Drew Wylie will contact you by phone almost immediately to apologise personally. If we can't reach you by phone we will leave a message and follow it up with an email to inform you that we have sold out and that we have already ordered more stock, or attempted to order more stock and give you the option to wait on stock arriving, with an ETA or alternatively offer you a similar product that we have tested ourselves, or finally offer you a no quibble full refund immediately, along with our deepest apologies.


Prior to 2020 our stock levels reflected on the website were normally accurate. With the emergence of COVID-19, like all small businesses we have been forced to implement measures and changes in order to allow us to continue trading while adhering to Government Guidelines and making our teams safety our highest priority. Some of the changes we made was to reduce our team to our Owner Drew, and our Assistant Manager Lauren. Between them they are doing the daily tasks that a team of 12 handled previously. We also moved to a much smaller premises to reduce our overheads. This means our ability to hold large volumes of stock per product or variation as we did prior to 2020 has reduced significantly. To combat this we replenish our stock almost everyday. With our reduced staff, the full time task of ensuring that all products available on our website have accurate stock levels, all of the time has presented a new challenge for us that we are always working to resolve as we find our feet in this "new normal" we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding if this does affect you.

Can I order something That is out of stock?

Yes, you can. If there is an item on our website that you would like to purchase and dont mind waiting until we can get it back in stock for you we are happy to help you. This is what we call a "Back Order" If you would like us to place a back order for you please just email us and we will take care of the rest for you.

06.After Sales Support


The Wylies Outdoor World Facebook group is the best way to connect with us regarding questions about your gear after your kit has arrived, This could be tips on getting the most out of it, how to use it correctly etc. We are on hand to continue offering you the support you need, as you need it, for as long as you need us ! our Facebook group is not only full of previous and regular customers But, a well balanced mix of experienced Bushcrafters, Outdoorsmen, Foragers, survivalists etc. And newcomers to the outdoors, some have never camped before so, no matter what your skill level is we have some great resources to help you along!


If you would like some more information on a product, watch tutorials, or simply have your questions answered our YouTube Channel is there to help you, We will even do a video for you if you ask us to in our Facebook group. We can also show you some of the wonderful places we visit on our own adventures, the gear we are using and many other things too!

One to One Advice with our owner Drew

One thing we always encourage is just giving Drew a ring for a chat. You will find him very approachable, friendly and does have a reputation for simply "saying it how it is" if you ring him for advice, honest advice based on his own experiences is exactly what you will get, without thought towards trying to sell you anything. He has more experience actually using the kit we sell on our website than anyone else. His product knowledge is exceptional! If you would like to know about something he hasn't tested yet he will be honest and tell you that but we can assure you that he will remedy that as quickly as he possibly can!


Absolutely! for this our Friend, and Facebook Admin Mick Gatley and his daughter, and our mascot 'Mooks' are the ones to speak to along with Drew himself, in our Facebook group. Mick has been teaching Mooks in many outdoor activities and crafting from a young age. Together we will be happy to help you anyway we can. You will also find Mooks to be an inspiration!