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Meet Drew Wylie

Meet Drew Wylie,

Founder, and Managing Director of Wylies Outdoor World. Drew is your sole point of contact for asking questions, looking for advice prior to making a purchase with us or even postage queries or issues regarding your purchase! 

Drew Wylie is also Wylies Outdoor Worlds Gear Guru and Chief Product Tester.

Drew Wylie

Drew Wylies Story so far

Where it all began for Drew

From a young age, Drew's love of the outdoors was nurtured and encouraged by his grandfather Andrew Wylie senior. Some of the happiest and also the earliest memories that I can remember are walking through the woods with my grandad and the family dog "Zara" My grandad was a military man in his earlier years, with a keen interest in foraging, home brewing, woodwork, hiking, camping and the outdoors in general. For me, this was the start of my own journey. Even to this day he still inspires me! he has always been a positive and loving role model. 

Drew wylies and his grandad Andrew Wylie

The Teenage Years

As I grew into my early teens, I would often disappear for hours and sometimes a night or so at a time into the woods, much to the dismay of my parents! I would return battered, bruised, covered in scratches and as dirty as a chimney sweep. Man, I took some whoopings as a kid for that! but there was just no stopping me, I was hooked! I literally just couldn't get enough. by the age of 13, I was making tree houses and dens that any tourist destination would be proud of.

As I grew older, I kept pushing my self to go further afield and got my first official job, working in a local army surplus shop named "Franks Army Stores" at the time I wasn't interested in customers but all the kit I couldn't afford made my head spin. I was always getting into trouble for playing around with the gear and ignoring the customers. But I do remember saying to myself at the time "one day I will have my own store" it only took me 20 years! 

Present Day

it's taken a lot of hard work, many late nights, almost a decade of higher education, hard decisions, and sacrifices, not to mention hard times along the way to lead me to this point, it's been a long but character building journey for me to this point. I set out to do something I love, and I feel lucky enough to be able to say I have achieved this. 

I found during this time that I got a great sense of satisfaction from helping others, not just with helping them get the right kit the first time around but helping to nurture their own passion for the outdoors.

I believe in the old skool mentality of your "local shop" In today's internet age that doesn't mean that has to change it just means the town has got bigger, That's why I am always your point of contact and no matter how big we get, that's one thing that will never change!

Hammock Camping Uk

Today I spend most of my time answering questions, giving advice, working with many local outdoor organisations, managing our own Facebook group and testing camping and outdoors kit in the evenings. You are always welcome to contact me directly via phone or email through the contacts page  


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