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Another custom made package from the owner of Wylies Outdoor World and chief product tester (Drew Wylie) compiled after many weeks testing of the new DD 3X3 Pro Tarp with...

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Another custom made package from the owner of Wylies Outdoor World and chief product tester (Drew Wylie) compiled after many weeks testing of the new DD 3X3 Pro Tarp with the new DD Superlight Frontline hammock combined with his own choice of additions that really have stood the test of time while also offering you the best possible value for money!

As all of Drew's custom-made packages are made with specific requirements in mind, this particular package was compiled to offer great flexibility without sacrificing too much weight and pack downsize. Not as comprehensive as some of our other custom packages in terms of accessories, but then this particular package is not about bells and whistles!

This package with the brand new Superlight Frontline hammock offers all the same great features of the standard DD Frontline hammock with the addition of the complete whoopie suspension kit. The result is a fantastic all-purpose hammock at a fraction of the weight and pack down size of it predecessor and at the price point, it offers truly amazing value for money! with the standard Frontline hammock plus an additional whoopie suspension kit comes in at not that much cheaper at all, so its an absolute bargain!

Pair the DD Superlight Hammock up with the brand new DD 3X3 PRO Tarp you now have something that is going to have you sleeping well protected and comfortable in any weather the UK can throw at you! the new DD 3X3 PRO Tarp offerers unparalleled versatility, when it comes to set up options.

In addition to the fully waterproof 3000mm PU coating:

- 21 reinforced attachment points (2 more than the DD Tarp 3x3) allow for the Tarp 3x3 Pro to be set up in countless ways.

- 16 eyelets placed on each outer attachment point to allow the DD Tarp 3x3 Pro to be used with poles or pegged tightly onto the ground.

- Guy line stowage loops: corner and middle side loops have velcro to allow folding of and storing the guy lines when packing - (handy to keep the guy lines tangle-free between uses, while still connected to the tarp for quick set-up).

- Press studs: positioned on two sides of the tarp, these allow you to attach multiple tarps together (up to a maximum of 4 tarps in a large 6m x 6m square shape). Also allow for advanced tarp configurations for both hammock and ground dwellers: for example, close one end together when used in the diamond formation with a hammock.

Highly versatile

From using the additional extra tarp attachment points and eyelets to enhance your tie-out options to using the press studs to enclose your shelter in tough winds, or attaching more than one 3x3 Pro together, this really is a multifunctional tarp. When packing away and setting up, the very handy guy rope attachment points will save time and hassle - the Tarp 3x3 Pro really does have every angle covered!

To complete the package and keep you warm throughout the year, Drew has added the Jura 2 sleeping bag along with the DD underblanket, You will be hard-pressed to find a better combination of sleeping bag and underblanket that will keep you warm all year round at this price point!

Drew has been using the DD Jura 2 sleeping bag and the DD underblanket for over a year, on average 4 nights a week, even in the hight of winter and never had a cold night yet when wearing appropriate clothing for the season.

This package will serve you well if you are a novice hammock camper or a seasoned tree swinger and is one of Wylies Outdoor Worlds most popular packages, As always if you purchase this package Drew will personally talk you through how to get the most out of this and continue to be at hand in our Wylies Outdoor World Facebook Group to offer you any help and support you may need for as long as you need!

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