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DD Hammocks, DD Superlight - Tipi - Mesh Inner, Tipi, Wylies Outdoor World,
DD Hammocks, DD Superlight - Tipi - Mesh Inner, Tipi, Wylies Outdoor World,
DD Hammocks, DD Superlight - Tipi - Mesh Inner, Tipi, Wylies Outdoor World,

DD Superlight - Tipi - Mesh Inner

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  • Brand: DD Hammocks
  • Type: Tipi
  • Availability: In Stock
The DD SuperLight - Tipi - Mesh Inner weighs in at an incredible 950g (excluding pegs) with a seriously small pack size for a product of this type. This is a perfect tent for any sort of adventure: from campsite weekends with the kids to lightweight backpacking. Designed for use with the DD Superlight Tipi but great by itself on dry nights or under a tarp, it's quick and easy to set up
The fully waterproof floor, secured with 8 SuperLight Pegs, keeps you isolated from damp ground, whilst a frontal porch area is created when used in conjunction with the fully waterproof DD SuperLight - Tipi, ideal for storing wet boots and equipment.
  • Size: L: 320cm, W: 250cm, H: 200cm
  • Colour: Olive Green
  • Weight: 950g (excluding pegs)
  • Includes: Mesh inner tent, Superlight Pegs x 9, Stuff Sack


  • Suitable for 3 adults or a young family of 4.
  • Super lightweight of 950g excluding pegs.
  • Smallest possible pack size for a tent of this size.
  • Easily set up in conjunction with the DD SuperLight - Tipi
  • Walls made from ultra-fine bug mesh with a fully waterproof 3,000mm PU-coated single-layer floor.
  • Reinforced metal eyelets at the top of the tent, and in the centre of tent floor to slot your Tarp pole (purchased separately)
  • SuperLight Pegs included for securing the floor.

Recommended Accessories:

  • DD SuperLight - Tipi
  • DD Tarp Pole - 2.2m

General Care:

  • To preserve the strength of the material, avoid folding along the same lines too frequently (change after 10 times)
  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place
  • Always ensure your gear (including any cordage) is completely dry before storing away
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures (above 40C and below -15C), and keep your gear at least a 2m distance from flames
  • Do not machine wash. Clean carefully by hand only, using lukewarm water
  • Prolonged exposure to strong UV light can cause the material to weaken
  • Children should be supervised when using this product
  • Not suitable for children under 3
  • Ensure the area around the product is kept free of hazards