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Keela, Keela Ladies' Merino L/S Top, Base Layers,Wylies Outdoor World,
Keela, Keela Ladies' Merino L/S Top, Base Layers,Wylies Outdoor World,

Keela Ladies' Merino L/S Top

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Size: UK 10
  • Brand: Keela
  • Type: Women's Base Layers
  • Availability: In Stock

When out in the wilderness a good base layer is indispensable. Keela's 200g Merino woman's L/S Top is designed to keep you warm in cooler temperatures yet remain breathable and is able to help your body regulate its temperature when you're pushing yourself to the limits. Naturally odour-resistant, this Merino base layer is the best partner for any expedition.



Merino wool naturally resists odours, making it the perfect base layer (especially if you’re planning to wear it multiple days on the trot!)


Designed to keep you warm in cooler temperatures, while remaining breathable to help you cool down when it’s warm


A great baselayer needs to be comfortable, and using flatlock stitching means no uncomfortable rubbing against your skin


  • ¼ length zip for ventilation
  • Flatlock stitching for comfort
  • Slim fit
  • Temperature regulation
  • Naturally odour resistant


Material Info:
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We use two different Merino mixes, a 100% Merino which has all of the natural Merino qualities, as well as an 80-20 Merino mix, which gives increased durability.

Merino wool is a natural fibre which is produced by various species of merino sheep.

Many associate wool products to be irritable and rough against the skin, however, Merino is well known for its warmth and soft feel against the skin and is regarded as one of the best options for use in base layers.

What type of clothing contains Merino Wool?
Merino wool can be used for various types of clothing, due to its natural properties to ensure a warm soft fit against the skin.

Similarly, Merino works in the same manner as a micro-fleece as the fibre can trap and disperse the necessary amount of heat.


Fitting Info:

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fitting info

Keela's range is used for everything from running and cycling to conquering mountains, and each item is designed to work best in a specific scenario.
However this can mean that our items fit differently from each other, depending on what you are using them for, and your personal preferences!

For example, if you’re usually a size M and have one of our base layers in a size M and decide you really MUST have a Munro Jacket for walking your dogs in the pouring rain – if you aren’t planning on wearing multiple bulky layers with the Munro, you’re likely to find the size M too big – this is because it’s designed to survive trips up mountains in the most extreme conditions, where you would need to wear a wicking baselayer, maybe a microfleece, and a thicker fleece or thermal jacket. If you’re not going to wear these layers, you’ll have a lot of extra space!

Still confused? Don’t worry! We’ve added icons to our product pages to let you know how the item fits, and you can follow the extra guidance below to help you decide if you should stick to your normal size, or choose a size up or down.



Sizing Info:

Keela Women's Upper Body Size Chart