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Meet Paul Harvey- The Bushcraft Masterchef!

About Paul Harvey

My first experience of bushcraft I guess was at a very young age , my grandparents lived next to a huge woodland and I used to stay there a lot growing up, my grandfather used to take me camping in there knowing that if I did get scared we were only a few minutes away from home but I always stuck it out, we went all weathers and every month of the year, which was a massive learning curve.

This fuelled my passion for bushcraft and as the years went on I sadly lost my grandparents and I decided to learn more about bushcraft, My grandfather was an amazing cook in the kitchen to which my passion for cooking came from but he never really cooked much every time we went out ??

I started experimenting with camp cooking about 20 years ago, seeing what I could cookout in the woods, in the beginning, there was lots of burnt food!  but like anything it’s a learning curve, back then I didn’t have anyone to teach me, so I had to learn the hard way, you learn by your mistakes, which fuelled my passion more!

I have 2 kids myself now and have taken them out camping from a young age, they love it too I now teach bushcraft and campfire cooking at fieldsportuk in Leicestershire, and try and inspire people and give knowledge to people who want to learn.

Rip Edward Harvey aka (corky) My amazing grandfather

Paul and his kids roasting marshmallows over an open fire 

Doesn’t matter who you are and what cooking skill level you are I am always here to help and guide you, share advice and tips on how to impress your friends with your food around the campfire,

Currently every Christmas myself and Jonathan Tait cook a 3 course Christmas dinner in the woods for fellow bushcrafters, numbers rise each year, we are currently at 36 people, all cooked on the campfire, in Dutch ovens and on the grilles, or really is a feast and with all the trimmings too, various meats, chicken, pork, beef, and it really is an art trying to cook all this in December, in a storm and high winds , but we did it ok, the key is all about fire control, the key element in campfire cooking, to which I will teach you all as we go,

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