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No Matter what you shoot. Airgun, Rimfire or Centerfire, Wylies Outdoor World have a comprehensive selection of torch kits in white, green, red and IR (Infra-Red) to compliment you rifle and scope perfectly. We highly recommend the Night Master Range due to its rock solid construction, completely modular design which makes it a breeze to switch LED colours and other parts while out in the dark. With new additions being added from Night Master all the time we would suggest if you are looking for a torch or kit with dimmable LED function. We will always recommend the Night Master IC (Intensity Control) ranges of the 400, 800, XSearcher and the brand new for 2017, The Night Master Eclipse 800 and 1000 ranges. Available also in red, green, white and IR Models 850nm (semi stealth- better for longer distances and perfect for the smaller game) and 940nm (full stealth - better for shorter distances, better for larger game that is known to spook easy)

Night Master offers a vast selection of kits to suit all situations and budgets, ranging from the smaller 400 kit models all the way through standard, turbo kits to the new Eclipse kits at the top of the range.

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