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Expedition Foods - Beef Hotpot Review

Expedition Foods - Beef & Potato Hotpot 800cal freeze dried meal review

In this blog, our Owner and chief product tester 'Drew Wylie' tries out the 800cal size, Beef and Potato Hotpot freeze dried meals from Expedition Foods

"Over the last few years I have been working my way through not just Expedition foods but all the brands that do freeze dried meal lines. I can honestly tell you that they are not all equal! So, lets take a look at what makes Expedition Foods, freeze dried meals better than most of the other brands available in the UK market today..."

In this video on our Youtube Channel, Drew tests this meal


Quality of Expedition Foods Meals 

With a huge range, for all tastes, if you are out on expedition, or an extended trip that lasts a number of days, at sea, etc. The quality of the food you consume really does become an important factor to consider. Not just on a nutritional level but eating bad food, and lots of it can have a tremendously sapping affect on your moral. Every Expedition Foods meal I have tried has been full of flavour, loaded with good size chunks of meat and veg. A truly enjoyable, calorific, nutritional, meal after a long day on the trail.

Huge Range Of Flavours

No matter how good a freeze dried meal is, a real necessity these days is variation, in this area Expedition Foods have excelled themselves, offering a vast range of meals, all of which are gluten free. I am a die hard carnivore, so I do prefer meat in my meals, there is a fantastic range of some of my favourite dishes available, the vegetarian lines also offer a number of options. So I can say from experience that the available options from Expedition Foods are so extensive that you won't get bored eating the same meals over time. 

Expedition Foods

If you would like to view Expedition Foods full range, you can view them here  

A Choice Of Meal Size Options

Most of the Expedition Foods line up is available in three meal size options...
  1. 450cal Meal Size
  2. 800cal Meal Size
  3. 1000cal Meal size

Making it easy for you to count your calories to ensure you are consuming enough to keep your energy levels up no matter what you are doing on your adventure!

Personally, I prefer the 450cal meal size for breakfast, a 800cal meal size for lunch and dinner, along with a dessert at dinner time, and possibly another 450cal meal for supper.  If I need to consume more calories on a particular trip I will just go up a meal size per sitting. But, I generally find the 1000cal meal size just a little too large in one sitting for me on a normal day. But, it's great to have the option to change the meal size when I need to rather than needing to buy more meals. 

Value For Money?

The age old question "are they worth the cost and does Expedition Foods offer value for money?" I believe they do, they are certainly not the cheapest freeze dried meals on the market today.

There are a few areas that I won't "skimp" on, for me that's my sleeping gear, my clothing, my footwear, my backpack, and finally, my food.  These are the things that keep me moving, fuel my body and my mind, protect me from the elements, and offer me a degree of comfort on long or extended treks.

The question for you is "is that comfort worth the extra expense over cheaper, lower quality meals?" if it is then you will be hard pressed to find better quality freeze dried meals in my opinion. 

About The Author 

Disclaimer: As always, all reviews found on our website from Drew Wylie, the rest of our team, or our customers are always purchased at the price they are shown on the website by the person doing the review. No incentives, discounts, or freebies have been given. The contents of the review are honest and an accurate representation of our findings by using the product that we have paid for with our own money. 

About the Author: Drew Wylie

Drew Wylie - Owner of Wylies Outdoor World

Drew's the man you probably already know.  He is the frontman and owner of Wylies Outdoor World. He is also our chief product tester, out on an average of 4 nights a week testing items from our shelves in as many different conditions as possible.  If you have any questions regarding gear, sales, delivery,  recommendations for your camping/bushcraft kit, or anything else he will always deal with you directly! 

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