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Meet Carl Dobson from Sierra Survival

Wylies Outdoor Would's Survival Blogger, Carl Dobson from Scierrra Survival introduces himself and shares some of his experience and background... 


About Carl Dobson

For me, Survival came about through a natural process of events in my life. My whole family were military so it was expected that I did the same. Throughout my Army career.  I served in the normal places, Iraq Kuwait etc but also I followed the physical education route which led me into adventure training, with this I found myself in place Like Norway, Canada, Brunei and yet more desert locations. I always had a passion for learning the skills and pushing myself and others to limits of survival.

carl doing bushcraft

I have travelled all over the world teaching but also leaning, I believe you cannot possibly know everything, so even at the tender age of 50 I still have the hunger to learn more.

For me, Survival falls under 3 categories:-

The first is my main job here in the Czech Republic teaching the Law & Military School, the Military, the Police & Mountain Rescue teams.

The second is educating the general public in being prepared for when the proverbial hits the fan when everything goes wrong and they find themselves in difficult or life-threatening situations. With this in mind, I aim to help the integrated rescue services to the point that when they arrive at the location the public is in a better condition when they are found and not dead.

The third is GETTING KIDS OUTDOORS and giving them life skills, we live in a technical computerised world which has taken over the playing outside culture. For me, this has led to unhealthy lifestyles causing sickness and obesity in the people that will become our future.  So we owe to them to a) pass on our knowledge and b) prepare them for what life might have in store for them.



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Carl Dobson's Tutorials

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