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DD Superlight Tarp Review

Drew (Owner and chief product tester at Wylies Outdoor World) has been personally testing all of the DD Hammocks products this year. In this article, we will cover the DD Superlight Tarp. Drew Wylie has been using for over a year 4 nights a week, every week, in all of the weather conditions the U.K. has seen during 2017-2018.

The DD Hammocks Superlight 2.6M X3M Tarp is his personal tarp of choice, With an abundance of Tarp shelter options on the market today he explains why he has decided to use the DD Superlight Tarp over any other and gives you a comprehensive and unbiased review to help you decide if the DD Superlight Tarp is right for you!


Know what YOU need first 

Any shelter could (in extreme cases) make the difference between life and death but in everyday life, it is one of the key elements that make up your sleep system.

If you have already decided that a tarp is what is right for you, you most likely are aware just how versatile a good quality tarp actually is.

We have all seen numerous social media posts, Youtube videos but with so many options on the market have you ever actually asked yourself "what do I need a tarp to do most often? what redundancies do I what to have available with it?, (being realistic what situations could I possibly find myself in where I may need to use it in a different way) how important is weight and real estate in your pack? how much distance do you cover on your trips? how important is the price?

when you have that mindset with anything you are looking to purchase for your own adventures you will quickly find that you are carrying less, be replacing less gear over time, saving more money in the long run, be better equipt for a larger multitude of situations and of course know each bit of kit in your pack and increase your skill levels with the kit you carry. 

What I need in a tarp 

it has to be as small, light as possible without too much of a trade-off on durability, have a multitude of good quality fixing options, completely waterproof, I don't mind investing a little extra in the key elements of my pack and always recommend you do too. I cover 25 miles on a hike at least once a week and no matter how well thought out your kit is it's still uncomfortable to carry at over those distances even for the most seasoned adventurers but I need to make it as pleasant as possible while staying within a reasonable budget.

My thoughts on the DD range

One thing in my opinion DD as a brand does very well offer a multitude of different options across their whole range and the DD Superlight Tarp is a perfect example of that, It has been specifically designed to meet the needs I have. with a number of other options available to suit the needs of others with different needs from myself.

I have tested everything DD has to offer so far and although there are many of DD's products that just are not for me most of the sleep system items are great products that fit in an acceptable price range. 

The specs & info of the tarp:


Weighing in at under half a kilogram and with perfect coverage for our regular sized hammocks, the DD SuperLight Tarp is your ultra-portable shield against the elements. Make it your day trip staple or your backpacking essential, at a fraction of the weight of a regular tarp.


All the cover you need – ready to take anywhere


19 reinforced attachment points allow for a variety of setup options, from a hammock cover to an open or closed ground shelter. Ideal for lightweight backpacking or adventure sports like cycling, climbing or trail running, the DD SuperLight Tarp will keep you dry on rest stops while keeping your pack weight to an absolute minimum.


Not planning on racing up mountains? This tarp is great for use in the garden or on the beach, and to throw in your backpack on a wild camp or even a day outdoors with the family.


Size 3m x 2.9m
Colour Olive green, Coyote brown, Sunset orange, Sandstorm yellow
Weight 460g (excl. pegs & guy lines)
Includes SuperLight Tarp, 4 x pegs & guy lines, stuff sack
  • 19 tough reinforced attachment points: 16 around the sides and corners, and 3 along the center (ridge line)
  • 4 x SuperLight pegs and guy lines included in their own bag
  • Made from ripstop nylon, with 3,000mm PU waterproof coating, and has a taped central seam
  • Stuff sack with drawcord closure

Recommended accessories:
DD Cord – ideal for ridgeline (to suspend the tarp between trees)
DD SuperLight pegs & guy lines x 6 – create even more setup options!
DD Amsteel Rope - A super light and strong option for your ridgeline
DD Fixed Loops
Storing your DD Superlight gear
Over time repeated fold lines can start to weaken the fine material of your DD SuperLight gear. To pack away, we always recommend 'stuffing' your DD SuperLight gear into its bag instead.

The good, bad & the ugly after over a year of testing

I don't understand why it's not 3m Square and I can see no benefit to having one side being 2.6m, but it has not caused me any issues at all. the tarp itself has held up well and is still in pristine condition. with all DD Tarps folding them the same way fill damage them across the fold lines, to combat this I chose to scrunch it up rather than folding it and have had no issues at all. The fixing points are all holding up just fine and find the amount of fixing points is more than enough for what I commonly use the tarp for.the tarp is just what it says on the bag, super light, packs down tiny small, it fits in my combats pocket no problem making it easy to carry even on a day hike. I normally use it in a diamond config with no issues at all. 

Additional features I would like to see in the Superlight range

For added flexibility and ease of use, I would love to see a means of containing the guy lines in a pocket in each corner of the tarp, with fixing clasps like the new PRO Series now has. I would also like to see a ridgeline, line locks and a dry bag for the tarp as its prone to be soaking wet when packed up along with a means of organizing the ridgeline inside the drybag for easy setup and pack down. 

Why it's a winner for me

DD has really come up with something that just ticks so many of the boxes for me with the Superlight Tarp that it is just a perfect addition to my sleep system that has been reliable in all weather conditions the thin ripstop material is deceptively strong, and with just a little extra care it will do you just fine in all the weather conditions the U.K. seasons will throw at you and trust me it won't rip! (in my personal experience, nor have I ever had a returned tarp that has ripped yet) so if you're like me and need something that's small and  light but can still handle the all year round I would be happy to recommend the DD Superlight tarp all day long and will continue to use it as my tarp of choice until something that is substantially better arrives on the market  but that is a tall order at the price point! 

If you are interested in how I have set the DD Superlight Tarp in a dry bag with the ridgeline and line, fixed loops and locks for knotless quick set up just drop us a message or call me directly on 01333532273 I would be more than happy to talk you through how to do this yourself or even do it for prior to dispatching if you have made an order for a small fee

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