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As many of you know Drew (Owner and chief product tester at Wylies Outdoor World) has been personally testing the Grubs Frostline Camo Boots all winter.

To give you an insight into the level of testing Drew actually puts the products through here is a little update from him!

"Been using the Grubs Frostline, every single day, for a number of months now, In as many different terrains and environments as possible. Including my own camping trips 4 nights a week in woodland, Coastal areas in and around Fife, taking Archie (our mascot out) multiple times a day for his training and walks.

I felt that to do these the justice they deserve It was important to really treat them as a hard wearing, every day, field boot and subject them to harsh treatment and frequent use.

So far they have kept my feet warm, dry and comfortable over long distances, boggy woodland areas and many coastal walks. I have not once in this time had any discomfort, blisters or any other issues. Even when standing in the sea for 15 to 20 minutes the neoprene upper remained warm and waterproof.

After the frequently harsh treatment, I have put these boots through the still look brand new after a wipe, showing no signs of any real wear and tear at all. If you have been following our weekly live streams, other product reviews and tutorial videos you will already know that I have been wearing them every single time so I have indeed really put these boots through a barrage of abuse rather than just claiming to do so.

In comparison to similar makes I have also tested such as "muck boot co." they have surpassed quality levels of similar models in my own opinion, even other brands at higher price points.

The Frostline boots are all unisex, suitable for men and women. They are available in a number of "standard colours" such as Black, green, violet, fuschia, camo and a number of special edition colours that change each year to complement the range. The "Trax" sole is durable, hard wearing and offers excellent grip and traction in every environment I have tested these so far. The neoprene upper also offers excellent protection from the cold weather, with a comfort rating of around -10 Degrees Celsius. more than adequate for the UK Winter times, while still being lightweight enough to see everyday use in the warmer months without being overly warm.

Trust me when I say The Grubs range is not just a brand you can rely on. A fantastic, family-run company to work with from a retailers perspective. There are alternatives to much of the Grubs range on the market and after testing almost all of them I will choose a pair of Grubs boots any day of the week. They have a wide range of different styles and colours for both men and women to cover a multitude of different situations.

I would highly recommend purchasing the Grubs socks along with any pair of Grubs boots. Personally, I own a few boxes (around 26 pairs) and will not wear anything else when on a trip, they like the boots offer not just value for money, But a quality standard not easy to find elsewhere in a similar price range!"

We also have a few other reviews of some of the other Grubs Boots range done by some of our group members here

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