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Keela Munro Salopettes Review

In this post, Wylies Outdoor Worlds Owner and Chief Product Tester 'Drew Wylie' shares his thoughts on Keela's Munro Salopettes, after purchasing them himself, and testing them for a few months. 

Disclaimer: As always, all reviews found on our website from Drew Wylie, the rest of our team, or our customers are always purchased at the price they are shown on the website by the person doing the review. No incentives, discounts, or freebies have been given. The contents of the review are honest and an accurate representation of our findings by using the product that we have paid for with our own money. 

About the Author: Drew Wylie

Drew Wylie - Owner of Wylies Outdoor World
Drew's the man you probably already know.  He is the frontman and owner of Wylies Outdoor World. He is also our chief product tester, out on an average of 4 nights a week testing items from our shelves in as many different conditions as possible.  If you have any questions regarding gear, sales, delivery,  recommendations for your camping/bushcraft kit, or anything else he will always deal with you directly! 



What are the Keela Munro Salopettes? 

The Keela Munro Salopettes take their name from the the Munro Mountains, in the highlands of Scotland. A place where you will likely see these salopettes being used frequently by the highland mountain rescue teams, for which they were originally designed. 

Award Winning Design Features!

Featuring Keela's own "Duel System Protection" Technology, a truly ingenious method of wicking moisture away from the body, Locking the moisture and condensation away from the skin, before it has an opportunity to freeze or lower your bodies core temperature and out of the garment via internal vents. In addition the Keela Salopettes are wind, water proof, fully lined,  have a inner ankle with non-slip rubber snow gaiter, reinforced seat and inner ankle, and articulated reinforced knee. 

Keela Munro Salopettes at Wylies Outdoor World
Keela Munro Salopettes at Wylies Outdoor World
Keela Munro Salopettes at Wylies Outdoor World





What is System Dual Protection?

SDP was originally developed for use in Military applications, and has gone on to be used by Tactical Forces, Mountain Rescue and Emergency Services requiring performance clothing that works as hard as they do.

 Keela Dual Protection

It has become a popular choice with the outdoor community and has been used to conquer the world’s toughest mountain summits and survive the harshest Arctic conditions.




In recognition of SDP’s success, Keela was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation back in 2006, one of the UK’s most prestigious awards, which recognizes outstanding achievement in the categories of international trade, innovation and sustainable development. 

No Gimmicks, here! 

An impressive feature set on paper for sure! But, the question you will likely really want to know is how does all this innovative technology and design features perform in our own experience? 


How did we tested the Keela Munro Salopettes? 

Drew used these as many times a week as possible, for 4 or 5 months before writing this review. He has tested these through the lockdown conditions as a result of COVID-19 so, being able to scour up a couple of Munros in the height of the Scottish winter was impossible. So we had to come up with other ways. We decided Drew needed to sweat, and then be out in the wet and cold weather for extended periods of time. under our test conditions the Salopettes performed beautifully. 

Keela Munro Salopettes

Are they worth the cost?

The question you all want to know is would be buy them again? and are the worth the cost? there is no denying that they are a little pricey but when you consider the use we have had out of them so far, The build quality and materials used I see no reason why these salopettes won't last me for years. On each adventure Drew has stayed warm, and dry so they really have not let us down once in any condition we have tested them so for. So the quick answer to these questions are yes! I would purchase them again without hesitating.

If you have any questions about these please do feel free to speak to us! 

 Keela Munro Salopettes

Want to read more about Keela?

If interested in reading more about our love affair with Keela, below is a link to our blog when we visited Keela for a tour of their factory, their processes and to meet the Keela team feel free to click the image below or follow the link.

Wylies Outdoor World Takes a tour at Keela

Wylies Outdoor World Takes a tour at Keela

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