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Bushcraft Cooking - Beef Soup

In the first of Paul Harvey Bushcraft cooking masterclasses, we ease you in gently with the "one pot meal" something every outdoor enthusiast is familiar with.


So easy to do
We all love properly cooked food while out on an adventure, there’s something very satisfying you get that you don’t really get with those packet meals. Yes, they can be lightweight, dehydrated, full of the vitamins and calories you need but....? They are no substitute for real food.
This first easy one-pot meal has to be one of the easiest meals to cook and will leave you with a smile on your face,

Beef soup

(This recipe is for 2 people)

1 cut of steak ( I used fillet) halved
2x oxo cubes
2x cups of water
1 bag of thinly diced veg (frozen)
Herbs for seasoning
That’s all you need,
This can be cooked either on a gas stove or campfire and takes minutes to prepare,
I’ve used beef but you can use any meat you wish, and you can adapt this recipe for vegetarians too, just leave the meat out, and you can get some no meat stock cubes too and that works really well too,

Add a small amount of oil into your stainless steel mug and heat up, add your diced meat to slowly brown off, keep stirring the meat to stop it sticking.
Once it’s all nicely brown you can put in your veg, then your water just so it covers the top of the veg,
The next step is to crumble your stock cube in and turn up the heat to a rolling boil,
Times may vary depending on how soft you like your veg? Then it’s good to eat, it’s as simple as that

Pre-freeze your vegetables in the freezer the day before in a ziplock bag, and take them out the day of your trip, then wrap your fresh meat next to frozen veg and wrap in foil, this keeps your fresh meat 100% ok even on the hottest of days,

You can Taylor this recipe to your own tastes by also added herbs into your veg pack when you freeze them or add chilli sauce etc,
There’s nothing like the taste of food that you have cooked yourself while out in the wild, it’s very hearty and rewarding

Please respect nature and take all your rubbish home with you
“Leave NO Trace”

Paul Harvey - Wylies Outdoor World

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