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DD Superlight WInter Combo Guest Review

I bought this bundle due to the versatility of the pack and due to having a few conversations with Drew Wylie. He was able to guide me through what I needed and actually saved me money by advising what I didn't need. All in all very happy with my purchase and my shopping experience as a whole and would recommend Wylies Outdoors World to anyone from beginner to expert.

Rammond Mlloy 


The lightest and smallest complete hammock camping package that we offer at Wylies Outdoor World. Making the most of the DD Hammocks superlight range by combining the DD Superlight Hammock, one of the lightest camping hammocks in the world with the DD Superlight Tarp, also one of the Lightest camping tarps in the world today with the year-round insulation of the DD Hammock Underblanket and the DD jura Sleeping bag

This particular DD Combo has been pieced together by our owner (Drew Wylie) and personally tested for 4 nights a week over a number of months in all UK weather conditions. In this superlight complete hammock camping package, you will find everything you need to keep you warm and dry, all year round.

We can also customize this kit for you at your request so it suits you perfectly. In addition, Drew will personally chat with you and talk you through how to get the most out of this kit free of charge!

To speak to Drew personally just ring 01333632273


    • DD Superlight Hammock - Green
    • DD Superlight Net
    • DD Superlight 3x3 Tarp - Green
    • DD Magic Carpet
    • DD Jura 2 XL Sleeping bag
    • DD Underblanket
    • DD Beer Holder
    • DD Fixed Loop Fastener (x2)
    • DD Amsteel Ridgline (10m)
    • DD Paracord (25m)


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