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Keela Peru Trousers Review

In this product feature, Wylie's Outdoor Worlds owner 'Drew' shares his thoughts on the Keela Peru Outdoor Trousers after a few years of use.



I first tried the Keela Peru trousers back in 2020 by chance... one day I was looking to test something from our shelves. I had mad an error while making stock orders to fill the shelves, and had ordered a few extra pairs... it just so happened one of them was my size, so I took them and put the money for them in my account. So they were purchased with my own money. 

Prior to testing these I was frequently wearing M65 Ripstop combat trousers for my day to day activities. Taking the dog for walks, working in the office, or in our warehouse packing orders etc, as well as my treks to the woods.  

I needed something hearwearing, but light weight, and quick drying. I won't bore you with paragraphs about the fabric technology, 

But, I will say I have used them straight out the washing machine, and they were bone dry with in a matter of minutes. In heavy down pours, they have dried very quickly. Making them excellent trousers for hiking and walking.

The Keela Peru trousers are comfortable, Stretchy, and have survived the last 4 years of my daily routine. I used to go through a pair of M65 Ripstop Combat trousers every two or three months. Making them worth every penny at the price point in my opinion.

Since my initial "test pair" back in 2020 I now own eight or nine pairs. I have worn them daily for the last 4 years, with the initial pair being no more "worn" than my newest pair. I have washed them normally, on a cool wash so I have washed off some of the repellant treatment over time. On occasion I have washed the Peru trousers with the rest of my outdoor clothing using Nikwax to restore some of the original qualities of the fabric.

Despite this, all pairs are still going strong with years of life left in each pair. 

The waist is partially elasticated, so as I have got a little heavier or slimed down over the last few years I have tried different sizes from 30" waist/ regular and long leg, 32" regular and long leg, upto 34" regular and long leg. 

We are now in 2024, at the time of writing this review and each pair still fit me, granted the larger waist size is a little looser around the legs, but the waist still fits me perfectly well. 

Would I recommend them? Yes! All day long, and twice on a Sunday! 

Considering I wear the same handful of pairs everyday, for years without needing to replace them. In that time I would go through several pairs of other trousers a year. They have been a great investment! 

They are worth every penny! And I will buy more with my own money if my older pairs finally start to wear out.

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